TokenSuisse Bank Partnership & TPAY Mobile Wallet Update

TokenSuisse has partnered with Swiss bank Hypothekarbank Lenzburg to expand its offering of cryptocurrency and blockchain services. The bank has ventured from its roots in retail banking and mortgage lending to make a name for its keen interest in digital asset solutions. Read more here.

TokenPay Mobile Wallet Update

Enhancements are being pushed now to Apple iOS App Store & Google Play for Android devices. Fixes include:

1) Fixed failed transaction issue caused by increased demand following eFIN Testnet launch
2) 8 Languages added
3) Fiat BTC, LTC, XVG pairings.

Download on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

5 Days Left to Start Staking

Just a few short days remain before EFIN is released on the Mainnet and the enhanced TPAY staking rewards begin. You MUST be a Partner or Platinum Partner to take full advantage of these rewards and receive the max EFIN coins possible. Once Mainnet launches in just a few days, the price of a Partnership increases to € 495.

Upgrade now for just €295 a you’ll get a massive staking multiplier (5X for Partners and 10X for Platinum Partners), bonus EFIN coins (100,000 for Partners and 1 million for Platinum Partners), unlimited free trading, free Airdrops of newly listed tokens (like the upcoming CBET token) and a 100% referral bonus. Secure your spot now!

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