TokenPay Ecosystem Report — August 2018

They say that time flies when you’re having a good time; well, we must be having all kinds of fun, because August has completely flown by. We signed on 3.5x the number of merchants we did in July, which is amazing. If we can keep up with that ratio, we’ll hit 100,000 merchants within the next 6 months. That would be quite the goal to achieve, but we’re not afraid of the challenge.

Merchant Integrations

We onboarded 21 new merchants this month, with several more pending; we did 6 in July. What’s impressive is that we haven’t even started doing our marketing yet!

  1. Boatsters: Offers over 12,000 yacht and boat rentals.
  2. EscortDiamonds: Escort service based in the Netherlands.
  3. Bar Tender: The Netherland’s premier mixology training institutes with thousands of students.
  4. What The Server: Order secure hosting, VPS, VPN, and private email and remain completely anonymous.
  5. ProxyRack: Buy HTTP & Socks proxies securely and anonymously. One of the world’s largest private proxy services company.
  6. Laptop Pow: Portable power solution for your laptop.
  7. PDAworks: Professional Photography & Video Production
  8. Mojava Cafe: Digital marketplace that accepts payments in TPAY for all sorts of products.
  9. Green Tech Expert: Computer repair services and IT support. Fast and effect PC tune-ups in NYC.
  10. Cool Stuff Japan: Buy hundreds of different authentic goods directly from Japan.
  11. Tree of Life Guitars: Family owned guitar store offering sustainably built acoustic instruments.
  12. Sheldon Store: Buy Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation, Uber, Netflix (and many more) gift cards.
  13. Dead Day Revolution: Indie LA rock band accepts TPAY for their music.
  14. NovioPay: Micropayments made easy
  15. Bargain Host: Receive 10% off secure and anonymous domain registration and web hosting.
  16. 101 Vape: America’s Original Online Vape Superstore. Shop for E-Juice, Tanks, RBA, RDA, Mods, Batteries, Chargers and More!
  17. Shave-Lab: A leading online retailer of men’s care products in the Netherlands.
  18. Guild Guitars: Guild is one of the world’s historic guitar manufacturers with a long-standing reputation for building iconic musical instruments.
  19. Hot and Sensuous: Adult toys and apparel.
  20. Airstream Jets: Charter a jet securely and anonymously.
  21. World Crypto Shop: Accepting TPAY as a method of payment on our worldwide online store powered by crypto.

EFIN Coin Distribution Update

There was some confusion over the rewards distribution, specifically regarding Litecoin and Verge holders. If you hold LTC or XVG, you’ll need to transfer it to the eFin wallet platform in order to be eligible for rewards, as well as transact a minimum of $10,000 worth of cryptos for the month.

New Exchange Integrations

In preparation of the TokenPay Merchant Tools platform rollout in Q4, we are announcing that we have now signed listing agreements with 2 top cryptocurrency exchanges by reported daily trade volume according to CoinMarketCap data: Coinbene and Bitforex.

Everything is in their hands at this point; the integrations are taking longer because they have to do additional coding to work with a whole new blockchain, rather than the quick push-button setups they do with the typical ERC-20 tokens.

Announcing EXM

We have decided to launch a centralized trading platform in addition to our decentralized platform eFin. This platform will be regulated and will tie directly into our merchant services platform, enabling real-time fiat settlements. We have partnered with TokenSuisse to provide the necessary Swiss regulatory framework and compliance for a modern centralized trading platform. It will facilitate rapid-fire trading and crypto-to-fiat settlements. The idea behind EXM, along with TokenSuisse, is to facilitate instant TokenPay to fiat transactions within our financial ecosystem. Mass merchant adoption will only be achieved by way of a full scale solution where vendors can seamlessly accept crypto.

Litecoin Summit

Our CEO, Derek Capo, will be speaking at the Litecoin Summit 2018 on September 15 in San Francisco, held by our FinTech partner Litecoin Foundation and Charlie Lee. Derek will be discussing our FinTech partnership and how we strive to bridge the gap between the old banking and new worlds by introducing TokenPay and Litecoin to traditional banking. You can read more event info at

New Office in Romania

We are quadrupling down in Romania. We are building a world-class developer team and have attracted a CTO from a top E-commerce company. An accomplished software architect, he will lead the TokenPay merchant platform rollout. Our new office is located in the center of Bucharest.

Renderings of what our office is going to look like. Currently under development.

Our Romanian Crypto Dev Team with Derek

This is the team working on the TPAY Merchant Tools Platform, iOS App and Secure Integrated E-Commerce Android App, all launching in September.

New TokenPay Mobile Wallet

Our new TokenPay wallet apps that connect TPAY directly to our financial ecosystem will be ready soon. Merchants won’t speculate on crypto; they require real-time fiat payments. Thanks to our partnerships with TokenSuisse and our FinTech partnership with Litecoin Foundation, we are uniquely positioned to make this happen.

Crypto Adoption Debate with John McAfee

Our CEO Derek laid the smack down on John McAfee at the epic Crypto Adoption Debate hosted by Keith Wareing. 3 out of 4 Twitter voters agreed in a poll. 1 out of 4 were likely just trolling us. See for yourself. Highlight reel is at Watch the original at

OECD Blockchain Conference

TokenSuisse CEO Alain Kunz will be a panelist at the Parallel Session on Banking and Financial Services at next month’s OECD Blockchain Conference on September 4–5 in Paris.

Privacy Coins Certificate Approval

The FINMA regulated Privacy Coins Certificate with TokenPay has been approved by TokenSuisse and is in process of seed funding. Additionally a TPAY Tracker Certificate was created. These certificates will have secure custody with SIX Swiss Stock Exchange.

2018 Crypto Connection Conference

TokenSuisse CEO Alain Kunz is speaking at the 2018 Crypto Connection on November 1st at the New York Hilton Midtown. 25% savings on tickets with discount code CC-5PK. More details at:

New TokenPay Brain and Vanity Wallets

The new TokenPay Brain Wallet makes it possible to recover a lost private key by remembering a passphrase that you create. This option offers an added level of security for those concerned about being locked out of being able to access their TPAY. You can watch the video at:

With the new TokenPay Vanity Wallet, you can store your TPAY safely and securely but with a little style. Add characters or even your own name into your public or private key. Learn more at


Ruben was at GamesCon seeing some of the newest advancements in eSports and virtual reality, and he talked to several big streamers he knows from his Twitch past. Just wait for what TokenPay will bring to The gaming industry is expected to hit 140B+ in 2020. Update

We’ve made a lot of progress with our crypto eSports betting platform. You will be able to watch live streams of all major gaming events and bet live on the outcomes. Powered by TokenPay, and with payouts and deposits in TPAY.

TPAY Staking Rewards

Staking rewards have been HUGE lately. Take advantage of these rewards, just like tens of thousands of users and start staking today by powering the decentralized TokenPay blockchain network. The more TPAY you have, the more EFIN you will get. Check out this video where Ruben explains staking:


Great name (admittedly, I still can’t say the name without cracking a huge grin), and really great logo. MoonDick is our crypto apparel division currently under development.

Recent Volume Surge and Price Fluctuations

We’ve had a recent spike in trading volume, caused by over $1 million worth of TPAY transactions, needed for critical assets. The seller immediately converted to fiat to fund obligations. This is the exact type of merchant adoption that we need to see the success of crypto, but we need more trading volume. The relatively low levels of TokenPay trading volume is why we see such sharp price fluctuations from large buys/sells.

Youtube Updates

  1. Our CEO Derek talking about the partnership with TokenSuisse and what it means for the entire TPAY ecosystem:
  2. Derek talks about EFIN:
  3. Keith Wareing talks about TPAY:

Media Mentions

It’s been quite the active month for our media:

  1. Mati Greenspan is a Senior Market Analyst at eToro. He releases research reports on major cryptocurrencies. Today, he has released a report on Litecoin. It covers the recent “bold and groundbreaking” partnership between the Litecoin Foundation and TokenPay:

2. Swisscom AG (major telecommunications provider in Switzerland) lists both TokenPay and TokenSuisse in its Swiss FinTech Start-up Map in the crypto blockchain application sector:

3. Our Bloomberg profile has been updated to include TokenSuisse Private Placement:

4. One of our fans is sponsoring a motorcross competitor. We love how amazing and dedicated our community is!

5. Synopsis of our Crypto Adoption Debate by They left out the part where John McAfee ended up conceding to Derek (after “respectfully disagreeing”) that bridging the gap from Bitcoin or TPAY to fiat with the use of banks is necessary — at least for now.

6. More synopsis about the Crypto Adoption Debate @ Cryptovest. Read more at

7. We’re happy to see the crypto media outlets focusing on the real life adoption that TokenPay delivers on a daily basis, rather than rumors and innuendos. From Today’s Gazette:

8. The crypto media is starting to take notice. TokenPay is driving a flurry of merchant adoption for secure and anonymous TPAY. Read more at

9. Positive coverage of TokenPay and our partnership with WEG Bank and TokenSuisse is featured in The Royal Gazette:

10. More TokenPay media coverage in Switzerland. Our CEO Derek Capo challenges Roger Ver to a live debate hosted by a moderator of his choice on what coin makes a better method of payment — TPAY or BCH. Read more at

It’s been an amazing month here at TokenPay, but the last few months of updates will pale in comparison to what’s coming in Q4. The first of our products will be released, and then everybody will be able to see firsthand how hard we’ve been working behind the scenes.

Be sure to follow our official Telegram and Twitter channels for more real-time updates.

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