TokenPay Ecosystem Report — October 2018

TokenPay Ecosystem Report — October 2018

October has been an incredibly busy month! We’ve been hard at work on some of the projects that we promised would be released in Q4, and we’re sticking to that deadline.

The new TokenPay merchant platform and mobile wallets look absolutely amazing, as does eFin — they ’re all incredibly aesthetic and user-friendly.

We can’t wait for you to see (and actually use!) everything that we’re so close to releasing.

Bitcoin Romania

Many of you don’t seem to understand the significance of the Bitcoin Romania deal. This is a lot more than just a 10% acquisition of the company; this is an integration of TPAY into Eastern Europe’s (and soon Canada & Western Europe) most dominant cash exchange network.

I’m currently in Bucharest working with our development team, and when I went to the corner mini-grocery store right across the road from my Airbnb, I saw this machine:

Now, picture thousands of these machines all across Eastern & Western Europe and Canada. On implemented, this vast network provides quick and easy access to TPAY with cash. It’s amazing seeing how fast this country has embraced crypto. These partnerships that we make have put us in the exact position we want to be in — being able to have ready access to TPAY throughout all of the markets we’re focused on.

This was also featured in an article in Today’s Gazette.

eFin Decentralized Trading Platform

We’ve made incredible progress on eFin. The interface has been updated with an even more modern look than the previous version, and we’ve made it more intuitive and easy to use. Here are some preview shots of the day & night mode, and we’ll have a demo version ready pretty soon, so you can see exactly how eFin works. This is the sexiest Tor-enabled decentralized crypto trading platform ever released. When eFin is launched on opening day this quarter, we’ll have TPAY, LTC, BTC, and XVG trading pairs, plus a few stablecoins and a dozen ERC-20 tokens. As promised, LINDA & ECA will be integrated in Q1 2019.

eFin Integrated Wallets

Let’s face it — most wallets we see on the exchanges today are dull and boring. Here is a sneak peak at what the wallet section will look like for our decentralized trading platform. Note that the prices and values are for illustration purposes only.

This is a full node staking wallet that will support TPAY, EFIN, LTC, BTC, XVG, ETH, and a dozen ERC-20 tokens. It also includes stablecoins TUSD and MKR. All of this is supported in the first release of the eFin decentralized trading platform, powered by TokenPay. Guaranteed to launch this quarter!

TokenPay E-Commerce Merchant Platform

Our Merchant Platform will be launched this quarter. This is a preview of the mobile-responsive dashboard. We anticipate massive payments volume once we connect to several fiat cash out methods in our financial ecosystem. Initially, the supported coins will be TPAY, LTC, BTC, and XVG.

CryptoBet Curacao License Approval

It took much longer than we expected, but our gaming sublicense has finally been approved and issued. Doing things legally in a fully compliant manner takes more time than most would like to see. We are at the final stages of launching CryptoBet. It features betting on casino table games with live dealers, slots, sports (including live betting) and more, all in crypto!

CryptoBet lets you play online with your crypto, and offers automated withdrawals, at the push of a button. No more waiting days for somebody to decide if you can cash out your winnings!

Derek Capo Interviewed on CNBC’s CRYPTO TRADER

Derek was interviewed for CRYPTO TRADER on CNBC during Blockchain Shift Miami, and you can watch the segment on YouTube, starting at the 36-minute mark.

He made an announcement on the show that will soon allow investors to participate in the growth of a crypto bank in Germany, by buying shares using TokenPay, Litecoin, Verge, and other coins.


We acquired 50% of Blocksize; a LATAM-based blockchain development firm that has launched a roadmap of crypto community-driven projects like Infinitesimal and eFin. Blocksize is a critical component of our ecosystem. Follow @BlocksizeDevs on Twitter for real-time updates on the eFin decentralized trading platform rollout. Learn more about the Blocksize team at

TokenSuisse Makes the Crypto Valley’s Top 50 List

The public really underestimates the world-class financial ecosystem that we have built in under a year. TokenSuisse is proud to be included in the CVVC Crypto Valley Top 50 Core Ventures in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We qualified in the Blockchain Financial Industry category, under the Broker, Trade & Exchange section. For crypto asset management strategies visit Integration

This is a great sign that shows the strength of our ecosystem. TPAY is now active on This is how crypto should work. TPAY was added to CoinExchange, with no payment or dev assistance from our end. It is simply smart business for any blockchain company that wants to make money to add TokenPay to its ecosystem!

Bitcoin Meester Integration

Bitcoin Meester is a Netherlands-based company that lets you buy and sell crypto with fiat. Now you can buy and sell TPAY (Bitladon is the English version of their site) directly on their site!

My Crypto Stats Integration

Now you can track your TPAY portfolio at My Crypto Stats! Check it out at

XQ Gaming Merchant Integration

XQ Gaming offers a 15% discount on purchases paid with TPAY. Our very own Ruben had a nostalgic moment and took advantage of this special offer to load up on some of his favorite PS2 games!

Telegram Updates

  1. The TokenPay Telegram is now at Join over 16,000 users for the latest TPAY breaking news, tech support, daily banter, product reviews and more!
  2. Are you looking for a crypto community genuinely interested in the TPAY blockchain technology and real-world adoption? If so, make sure to check out the TpaySolders group at

Having Some Fun

We like what we do here at TokenPay. We work hard, definitely, but we also like to have fun with our community. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, what’s the point?

We love our community! We have some of the greatest supporters that anybody could ever ask for. I love this pic that was in our Telegram group. The reality is that Bitcoin is incredibly slow — we all know this. It’s simply unsuitable for everyday payments in commerce. Transaction speeds are ridiculously slow. TokenPay, on the other hand, with 2-second transactions is perfect for everyday use.

Hilarious! ?

Robin Schmidt made this awesome video that had us all rolling.

And last, but not least, fluffypony: Thanks for the call-outs on some typos we made. People can try to bring us down, but we’re too laser-focused on our ecosystem.

If you missed the whole back-and-forth banter, you can read it at

Q4 is here, and we’re holding strong to our deadlines. This quarter, we’re going to be releasing some of what you’ve been waiting for. Stay tuned!

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