TokenPay Ecosystem Report — March 2019

TokenPay Ecosystem Report — March 2019

There were substantial updates to the TokenPay ecosystem in March; EFIN went live on the Mainnet on the 1st of April, CryptoBet had a desktop soft-launch on the 30th, TokenPay acquired a 6% equity stake in Naked Brand Group Limited (NAKD), and many more exciting updates. The launch of the full EFIN Mainnet is the start of staking rewards for those who were staking TPAY, which is great news for anyone who’s been taking advantage of this so far.

More exciting news has come with a key partnership with the CryptoBet online gambling platform, with deposits and withdrawals enabled in TPAY. CryptoBet is being supplied with TPAY from recent eFIN Partner sales, and users who withdraw in TPAY will receive a bonus of 5–10% above CoinMarketCap rate!

Blast Integration with eFIN is slated to launch next month, offering new startups a way to circumvent the predatory VC funding system. This is done through a key partnership with the eFIN DEX, as blockchain p can be launched on eFIN, eventually taking advantage of the Infinitesimal protocol to generate funds in TPAY. Allowing blockchain startups to avoid the pitfall of VC funding will provide unparalleled growth for the field.

TokenPay Merchant Services

The TokenPay Merchant Platform will soon allow online vendors to accept various cryptocurrencies as payment, linking all wallets into a single, easy-to-use platform. As of March 19th, the platform was 90% complete and almost ready to launch.

The only hang-up was a lack of a smooth Fiat on-ramp. Thanks to a pivotal partnership with WEG bank this will become a reality. Currently, plans are to utilize level-2 technology to use a TPAY driven system, providing a DEX order book or merchant settlement node with eFIN.

Interview with Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee

In this interview, Derek Capo and Litecoin founder Charlie Lee discuss in detail the progress made in the months following the strategic July partnership between the two projects. They also discuss progress made following the WEG bank partnership.

Interview with Verge Lead Dev and Derek Capo

In this 80-minute video, Derek Capo and Verge lead developer, Justin Vendetta talk about the eFIN DEX. They go over many features and cover essentially anything one would desire to know about the platform. It‘s a must-watch for anyone with any questions regarding eFIN.

TokenSuisse AG & Privacy Coin Certificate

Not only is TokenSuisse a great investment tool and asset manager for anyone looking for a simple on-ramp for institutional and individual investors, the world’s first Privacy Coin Certificate is available for sale at TokenSuisse is another keystone partnership in the TokenPay network, especially after its partnership with Swiss Mortgage bank Hypi Lenzberg.

Equity Stake in NAKD

On March 27th TokenPay purchased a 6% equity stake in Australian lingerie giant, Naked Brand Group Limited (NAKD). Reasons for this integration were detailed in a Twitter post:

“Why the move into lingerie? NAKD management has expressed interest in exploring blockchain technology. It also operates iconic fashion brands with $100m in sales, mostly to women.”

The lingerie market was also described as an under-targeted area in the Blockchain industry, providing further motivation for the partnership. This willingness to branch out and create an impressive network of interconnected assets attests to TokenPay’s shrewd business sense. In the company’s own words:

“It isn’t enough to create coins with a story. It MUST HAVE A TECHNOLOGICAL PURPOSE.”

WEG Bank Blockchain Corporate Account

On March 21st, WEG Bank, a key TokenPay Partner, officially announced the first blockchain project integrated as a corporate account. Lisk is the first to be integrated in this fashion, allowing for valuable services for those invested in Lisk, new ways to purchase LSK, and seamless selling into fiat. This opens the doors for others to take the same steps, making these features industry standard.

TokenPay Mobile Wallet Update

On the 27th TokenPay released a major wallet update fixing connection issues related to heavy demand from the EFIN testnet launch, the addition of fiat pairings for BTC, LTC, XVG, and the addition of 8 new languages.

Download now for Android or Apple iOS.

Nimiq and WEG Bank Partnership

Nimiq is an emerging project allowing Fiat currency to behave as a token would on a Blockchain, allowing users to sell coins directly into a Fiat bank account. Naturally, this disrupts the spot that stablecoins have enjoyed for so long. When looking for a partner to test, Nimiq decided to embark on this venture with WEG bank. To read more on this big news:

TokenPay in the Media

1. TokenPay is listed on the top 10 Crypto Partnerships in 2018:

2. Litecoin and TokenPay’s partnership is discussed by Forbes in comparison to XRP:

3. OrangeJp’s intro to TokenPay:

4. Cointelegraph Discussing Hypi Lenzberg and TokenSuisse’s partnership:

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