TokenPay Ecosystem Report — January 2019

TokenPay Ecosystem Report — January 2019

Overall, 2018 was a great year. We made big deals with the Litecoin Foundation, TokenSuisse, WEG Bank, Verge, Blocksize, TokenGaming and more. We ended the year with new iOS and Android mobile wallet apps and are laser-focused on releasing eFIN in Q1 of this year.

An achievement that we are especially proud of is our spot in the Q1 2019 Swiss Crypto Valley Top 50 Blockchain list. This is a ranking of the top 50 largest and most important blockchain companies. The report talks about our industry-leading blockchain payments and stablecoin technology. Our financial partner, TokenSuisse, made the Financial Industry category as a leading Crypto Assets Manager (their 2nd straight award!). You can read the full report at

To be clear, 750 Swiss Crypto Fintech companies were evaluated and just 50 were selected for the Q1 2019 Top 50 list. What an incredible honor!

CryptoCoinSpy had this to say: “There were 15 new comp to enter the list since the previous quarter, most notably the payments platform TokenPay.”

More Exchange Hacks and Losses

The cryptosphere has collectively lost billions of dollars worth of coins due to central exchange incompetencies. The latest two downfalls were Cryptopia’s hack, estimated at a $25 million loss, and QuadrigaCX, who suffered a $190 million loss when its CEO Gerald Cotten died (Mr. Cotten alone held the private keys to the bulk of user assets, resulting in a catastrophic loss for QuadrigaCX customers).

Our solution to this gaping problem has been under development for a year now. We’re in the final stages of our beta-testing program for eFIN DEX and we couldn’t be any more excited than we already are.

eFIN Beta Testing Final Stage

Feedback from our beta testing group has been invaluable. One of the features we added is Easy Trade, which allows users to swap crypto assets with a single click in a decentralized and private manner using Tor network security. We’ve also reduced trading fees to only 0.1% and completely free for TPAY, LTC, and XVG pairs.

Easy Trade lets you seamlessly trade pairs with one-click functionality

eFIN Partnership

More details will be released soon, but some of the benefits of this innovative Partnership opportunity are no fee trading, free airdrops from new projects added to eFIN, 100k free EFIN coins, lots of free EFIN if you stake TPAY, 2x referral bonus and monthly revenue share distribution of 62.5% (12.5% goes to team and tech, 25% for advertising). The first 5,000 partnerships (capped at 25,000) are being sold at nearly 50% off.

EFIN Coin Designed to Reward TPAY Stakers

EFIN is exclusively paired with TPAY on our DEX trading platform at launch. So, EFIN coin sellers must buy TPAY. Therefore, we create the massive liquidity for TPAY on an ongoing and sustainable basis. Are you ready?

Proof of Keys Certified

eFIN is Proof Of Keys Certified. Why is that? Because users always control their own keys and maintain sole custody over their crypto assets at all times. This represents the future of Decentralized Custody on the blockchain.

eFIN is also a multi-currency Tor network privacy enabled crypto wallet with native support for these blockchains: TRX, DGB, TPAY, LTC, XRP, XVG, BTC, ETH, EFIN, and any ERC-20 token. Several stablecoins have also been added as trading pairs. More will be added following launch, including several we committed to privately and publicly.

Don’t Trust — Verify!

For users that require a top level of security, you can setup your own full nodes to process and validate all of your wallet transactions. Running your own node also means that even if eFIN servers get attacked or go down, you can still use your wallets. This is decentralization.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the eFIN DEX teaser video:

500,000 Blocks

The TPAY blockchain passed 500,000 blocks without a hitch in January. TPAY users love making secure and private transactions with under 2-second transaction confirmations. Check out the blockchain explorer at

TokenSuisse at Finanz 2019

TokenSuisse was an exhibitor at Finanz 2019, featuring their exciting new crypto investment products. They can also help you turn your digital assets into cash, real estate & more. Learn more at

2019 Updates and Product Releases

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo went to Manilla, the capital of the Philippines. Several meetings were lined up with key financial industry players. 2019 will be the year of deal-making, execution and TPAY ecosystem integration. Several major partnerships have been lined up.

We have several releases scheduled for Q1:

  1. eFIN full public release
  2. CryptoBet release, including a White Label Platform
  3. TokenPay Merchant Platform
  4. New TPAY Blockchain Explorer

We have also updated the TokenPay Roadmap for 2019 at

Cryptopia Hack

Cryptopia, one of the longest-running crypto exchanges has been hacked with an estimated $25 million worth of losses. The only answer to these blatant security breaches is decentralized custody of assets. This is why we created eFIN DEX. TRUST NOBODY.

Fortunately, according to our sources, we believe that the TPAY wallets have not been compromised. We understand that the hack was limited to ERC-20. 2019 is the year of the DEX and we are ideally positioned.

We will offer a free listing to any of the ERC20 tokens affected by the Cryptopia hack and subsequent shutdown. For the token to qualify, we will want to see some community interest and an Airdrop for our Partners. This is a win-win for everyone. Contact us for more details!

Estimated losses were originally $13 million, but now a probable $25 million!

QuadrigaCX Loss

Even if your chosen exchange has a handle on their internal security and protects the bulk of your coins in cold storage, it’s meaningless if the sole person that holds the private keys dies!

$190 million of customer funds are more than likely forever “lost”. It’s incredibly unfortunate, and while we sympathize with their customer’s losses, it absolutely proves our point and completely validates eFIN.

You can not trust your keys, nor your coins, with a third party. Billions of dollars have already been lost by people who have done just that.

Remember: Not your keys, not your coins!

Closing Remarks

We have read your comments on Telegram and Twitter, and while we would absolutely love to open up registrations for eFIN, the registration process itself is an integral piece of eFIN. For instance, the enhanced TPAY staking rewards are handled through an integration with the eFIN dashboard. In a nutshell, it’s not just a quick registration form to put you on a waiting list; we could’ve done that months ago.

However, to compensate the community for the delay, we are giving away 200,000,000 EFIN coins from our Team allocation to the first 50,000 signups. Also, you can earn up to 120 EFIN coins for every TPAY you are staking. Time to get ready, this is going to be great!

We just want to say thank you to everybody for your patience as we exit beta and prepare for launch of the DEX. Just a reminder, the best way to receive EFIN coins is by staking TPAY. We will be releasing full details soon, along with an epic early bird signup bonus for the community.

Stay tuned for February 8, when TokenPay CEO Derek Capo will be live on The Larry and Joe Show. It does not get better than this. Keeping things REAL in a Bear Market with straight up and genuine talk.

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