TokenPay Ecosystem Report — February 2019

TokenPay Ecosystem Report — February 2019

Our apologies for the delay in releasing February’s Ecosystem Report. We have been preparing for the launch of the eFIN DEX, which includes a special pre-registration offer of 1,000 bonus EFIN coins which you can qualify for at, as well as a Partnership that lets you earn your share of the trading fees generated at the DEX. Learn more at

The biggest news in February was the pending launch of eFIN. The major challenge we faced is that eFIN was designed to be a niche privacy DEX (like a better Bisq). It has since evolved into Binance-like functionality while still trying to maintain cross-chain P2P direct trading and decentralized custody. This has not been done before.

In terms of user security, we guarantee that nothing will come close to eFIN. It is the ONLY cross-chain decentralized custody DEX and it also uses Tor network for privacy. Apples and oranges with everything else on the market. Now the trick is, how will it function?

the only real DEX’s are single-chain like NewDex, EtherDelta or TronTrade for instance. All of these work only on a single chain, which is easy. They’re essentially atomic swaps. eFIN is the first multi-chain true DEX with decentralized custody (not an IOU system).

You will NEVER get more secure or private than a DEX that uses Tor. It can be enabled or disabled. User choice. When enabled it can take longer to load, but there is always a tradeoff for security. There is no magic catch-all formula.

Our challenge will be making eFIN as fluid as Binance DEX with all the additional security features we offer. It is a give and take. The delays are all UX and user experience driven. Plus we have one-click trading. No DEX has this. And for only 0.1% or free for partners.

Additionally, all of these single-chain DEX’s mentioned require a third party application to run. TronTrade needs TronLink Chrome Browser extension (very insecure), EtherDelta needs MetaMask and NewDex needs Scatter (buggy and always up and down). Huge limitations as you can see.

Not knocking Binance, it is BY FAR the best centralized exchange. Amazingly fluid and functional. But eFIN will be the most secure true DEX at time of launch. Nothing will be close in terms of user privacy and security.

There is a lot of misinformation about DEX’s or decentralized exchanges. Our job will be to educate the public on what makes eFIN a superior solution for user security and privacy. We will do this soon, at launch. It is too early now for us to showboat as it’s still Beta.

Thank you, everybody, for your patience. We know you’re excited to use our many upcoming products that are in various states of testnet. We expect to launch several to the public mainnet soon. Community engagement is what drives us as an open source blockchain project. Join us now!

Signup for eFIN Is Free

The first 200,0000 accounts will receive 1,000 EFIN coins once 10 Easy Trades are executed. There will be 5,000 Partnerships available and a limited number of Platinum accounts, designed for those who will be staking a lot of TPAY.

Live Public Demo of eFIN

Catch the reply of The Larry and Joe Show, where Derek revealed the first ever live public demo of eFIN. He also announced a CryptoBet partnership which will make it MUCH bigger than we expected. Q1 launch for both of these platforms.

WEG Bank Progress & Partnership Update with Litecoin Foundation

In this interview, Derek reveals some new updates with regards to the WEG Bank progress and our partnership with the Litecoin Foundation. This is a must watch for those that are following our developing FinTech and banking integration story.


Now you can buy premium domain names with crypto at We accept TPAY, BTC, LTC and XVG, thanks to our partnership with the Litecoin Foundation and Verge. Find the perfect domain name for your business; there are thousands of names to choose from!

Earn TPAY Staking Rewards

TPAY staking rewards are earning an average of 15–20% returns for stakers. If you aren’t staking, go to, download the desktop wallet and start earning daily rewards. Remember, you also get FREE EFIN coins just for staking TPAY. What are you waiting for?

World’s First Privacy Coin Certificate Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the world’s first Privacy Coin Certificate is now available for sale at TokenSuisse. It is a Swiss-registered tracking index that follows TPAY, XMR, ZEC, and DASH. Institutions and ordinary people can now buy TPAY with fiat and sleep well knowing it is a secure custodial solution. Read the full factsheet here.

We expect this revolutionary crypto privacy investment product to be a strong catalyst for driving institutional awareness of the TokenPay ecosystem. We are ramping up advertising for this product soon, and we are launching the world’s first single Swiss cryptocurrency tracking certificate as the TPAY TRACKER CERTIFICATE. This is being seeded directly by TokenPay.

Please contact for purchase information.

GitHub Updates

The TPAY GitHub Repo has been active. You can follow the commits here. Our blockchain development team is currently updating the codebase to accommodate many new features that enhance usability, security and user privacy.

Later this year we will release the new updated TPAY blockchain codebase, which adds SegWit, RSK smart contracts and many current 2019 Bitcoin security and usability features. We have had a team on this since last September. We also have a new Explorer coming and Multi-Currency Wallet.

eFIN is a serious blockchain project that has been under development for a year at

One of the most exciting things while building the eFIN DEX was the integration of different blockchains into one platform. We worked with UTXO chains like TokenPay and Bitcoin, EVM chains like ETH, TRON and others like Ripple.

Check out the Blocksize GitHub at (Blocksize is the blockchain development company that we acquired 50% of last year. It‘s responsible for the building of the eFIN DEX, the EFIN coin, and it’s also working on the Infinitesimal 2nd layer protocol. This will be a big story the back half this year.

What We Have Accomplished

TokenSuisse is active with the very first Privacy Coins Certificate being sold now. We purchased a stake in German-based WEG Bank and entered into partnerships with both the Litecoin Foundation and Verge. We released TPAY Mobile Wallets in Apple App Store & Google Play. We released the TPAY blockchain, and we have much more pending testnet release.

Some of our testnet projects include the eFIN DEX and CryptoBet, both of which are scheduled for mainnet release later this quarter.

Infinitesimal is scheduled for its first blockchain product release in Q2, tied into TokenGaming. We have already released TokenDomains and are adding GoDaddy-like products.

We are working on closing our first TokenPay Technology Ltd licensing deal with a strategic partner. A successful conclusion of this deal drives immediate benefits to our ecosystem that includes adding TPAY Mobile Wallets to the United States Apple App Store and United States Google Play.

TPAY Tip Bot

Check out the amazing new TPAY Tip Bot by @DirkRossouw4. Now you can send TPAY to anybody with a Twitter account and the app creates a unique TPAY TipBot wallet automatically which the recipient can then withdraw immediately to their own individual wallet.

Exchange Listing

TPAY has been listed on Coinexmarket.

Media Coverage

  1. Express VPN, With Customers in 94 Countries, is Considering Privacy-focused TokenPay (TPAY). Read more.
  2. Crypto payment platform TokenPay to launch Merchant Services and eFIN DEX in March 2019 — The Crypto Industry Journal. Read more.
  3. WEG Bank: Litecoin (LTC) Charlie Lee Says Exciting Products On the Way, As TokenPay (PAY) Sets To Make Major Announcement. Read more.
  4. Alt500 wrote: The 20th edition of our altcoin analysis! Check out TokenPay — is it the ‘Bitcoin on Steroids’ it claims to be? Read more.

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