TokenPay Ecosystem Report — December 2018

TokenPay Ecosystem Report — December 2018

We are extremely proud to be part of a handful of blockchains that have released both native iOS and Android apps. This truly is just the beginning. If you follow us on Twitter or Telegram, you’ll see that we are completely transparent with our goals (and even take your suggestions into consideration).

The new TPAY Mobile Wallet is the first step of what we have planned for 2019. It’s a key component in the TokenPay ecosystem and the Pro Version will be full node, which supports TPAY staking. Imagine a multi-currency mobile wallet that supports staking (rewards are currently running at about 15%) and includes eFIN currency exchange integrations! We have nearly 30 developers working around the clock on various TokenPay projects (Mobile Wallets, eFIN, CryptoBet, Merchant Platform, etc).

Download the TPAY Wallet now on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

eFIN Announcement

Previously we announced that Q4 would be our big quarter, and while we did both the Android and iOS Mobile Wallets, we had to delay the launches of eFIN and CryptoBet. Both of these are currently under heavy beta testing. Because we are community-driven, we pay attention when you guys speak. eFIN needed to be even easier to use, which is why we added in an Easy Trade feature, which is similar to a ShapeShift functionality that lets you easily trade 2 coins, but in a decentralized, secure and private manner.

We also decided to enhance liquidity and user interest in the platform, so we lowered trading fees to 0.1%, and completely eliminated them for TPAY, XVG and LTC trading pairs.

Lastly, for the first 200,000 eFIN accounts, we are doubling the amount of EFIN coins you will receive and will throw in an additional 1,000 EFIN coins when you make 1 Easy Trade (for a minimum €100 value).

eFIN user registration will open up very soon, stay tuned for further details. In the meantime, we’ve released an explainer video that will be featured on the new eFIN website.

Q1 2019 Updates

We’re incredibly excited about Q1. It’s unfortunate that we had to push back 2 releases, but it’s vital that we only release great products. We only get one shot to make an outstanding impression, so we intend to make the most of each product release.

We’re looking forward to the upgrade of our blockchain explorer which will show more transparency of the types of transactions from the blockchain. We plan to release in Q1 2019 and then also do this for other explorers where we can combine data to understand adoption traction.

The TokenPay Merchant Platform (completely modeled after Amazon’s Seller Central) will heavily drive adoption, as it enables e-commerce merchants to accept crypto payments in TPAY, BTC, LTC, and XVG, with more coins being added soon (with no transaction fees!). It also works as a Token Sale or even an Equity Sale launchpad. You can raise funds in TPAY, convert to fiat through TokenSuisse and even list your coin at eFIN. It’s a complete end-to-end blockchain financial ecosystem.

Lastly, as per the TokenPay Whitepaper, the Team & Founders TPAY Wallet is unlocked today after a 1-Year embargo. However, we are pleased to report that the Founders, Seed Investors, Advisors and Blockchain Development Team have reached an agreement to HODL TPAY until further notice.

P.S. Check out our latest video, where we hit the streets and asked random people if they have invested in crypto:

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