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This article was first published on vergecurrency - Medium ----- Press ReleaseThe Verge Lumos Codebase releaseSummaryOrganization: Verge (Currency) Location: 6bcaa755de51f2164e2b4253dd63fa9d0e0a04bd2c7aa91e20564eb0b7fb1a89(SHA256)Date: 16th May 2019We are stoked to present the largest technology upgrade ever performed by Verge Currency. We have released the new codebase, officially named as Verge Lumos for public usage and is therefore available and highly recommend to be used for everyday usage. After letting our users upgrade their wallets, we are going to contact exchanges and mining pools to also upgrade their services. This newly upgraded core will introduce new possibilities for Verge to move forward, extend its current feature set,

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