Pornhub picks PumaPay for recurring Tron (TRX) and Verge (XVG) payments

Little by little, the crypto world is making its way to several industries out there. In fact, in the last months, we have seen many partnerships and initiatives deployed that now put the crypto in the picture. And what it exactly means? Well, it says that now cryptos are figuring as payment options for many goods and services, a step that undoubtedly bring us closer to what Satoshi envisioned back in 2009 with the creation of the leader of the market Bitcoin (BTC).

Without a doubt, we have come a long way from where it all started, and the truth is, we could not be more excited. Recently we have seen how it is possible now to buy in nearly 20,000 online retailers using cryptocurrencies such as Tron (TRX) with platforms such as Bitcoin Superstore. But that’s only the beginning, as now other opportunities are emerging, including, of course, the possibility of paying for adult entertainment subscriptions by using crypto tokens.

In this sense, one of the most visited adult websites, Pornh has partnered with PumaPay to enable crypto payments on its website and allow premium users to utilize their crypto holdings. Let’s see all the details of this.

Pornhub/PumaPay partnership

One of the most desirable features of credit card payments is the capability of registering the card and then not bothering about paying manually anymore, as the institution involved will charge directly to the credit card the amount stipulated in a monthly basis. So what if we take that to the crypto world as well? No need to ask twice! That is exactly what PumaPay is going to do with Pornhub as per the recent alliance.

PumaPay is an open source crypto payment platform that dedicates to facilitate and implement periodic payment solutions by making use of virtual coins. A blockchain company based in Cyprus develops the platform, and to enable frequent crypto payment solutions, it offers a protocol dubbed the ‘PullPayment protocol’. It is because of this protocol that payment options such as recurring payments are a possibility in a transaction, and in the same way, pay-per-use operations.

As Yoav Dror, the CEO of PumaPay stated, PumaPay is a network that functions under the PullPayment protocol, and this allows to “reverse the mechanics of a transaction, enabling merchants to ‘pull’ crypto funds from their customers’ account”.

He continued,

“With PumaPay, merchants avoid the drawbacks of the current banking systems, such as high transaction costs, the insecurity of chargebacks (reverse transactions) and associated fines, and the lack of customer anonymity.”

Crypto to be used by Pornhub

With the solution mentioned above, Pornhub will be able to allow the premium subscribers to pay with cryptos. But which are the selected ones for the website (you probably already know)? Well, so far the adult entertainment site has partnered with just a few cryptocurrencies, Verge (XVG) and Tron (TRX) are initial two, both of which are stepping solidly in the cryptoverse lately (yes, Verge has been in hot water).

The Pornhub acceptance was expected to impact both Tron and Verge positively as far as their prices are concerned, but that didn’t go as it was expected when the announcement came out a couple of months ago. Still, as the real circulation of crypto tokens is going to start over the adult platform now, the demand and price could increase too. So stay tuned, we can all be sure great things are coming.

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