Must-Read Update on the CryptoBet Revenue Distribution

The first CryptoBet revenue distribution to CBET holders is coming soon!

There are still many of you that haven’t yet linked your CryptoBet account with your Blast account. If you don’t do this, you will not get your revenue distribution.

Follow these steps to ensure you get paid your BTC from the upcoming CryptoBet revenue distribution

1. You must hold your CBET coins in the eFIN DEX

2. You must have a Blast account (click here if you don’t)

3. You must have a CryptoBet account

4. Link your CryptoBet account to your Blast account. You’ll see the section called LINK YOUR CRYPTOBET ACCOUNT NOW. Follow the directions on that page to link your account.

5. Link your CBET wallet address in Blast. Look for the Wallet Integration section. Follow the directions in that section to add your CBET wallet and to add a signed message to verify wallet ownership.

You can follow the CryptoBet real-time revenue reports at

Earn 3X CBET Coins All This Month

All in July, you’ll earn tr CBET coins for every casino game (including live dealers) and sports bet you make at CryptoBet. If you earn 1,000 CBET coins, you’ll receive 3,000 coins in total. There’s no minimum or maximum amounts you can earn. Hurry and click here to start mining!

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