Just 2 days remaining until Platinum increases by €300 to €2,295

In just a few days, the price of a Platinum Partnership will increase by €300 to €2,295. Only 1,000 Platinum Partnerships are available for 2019, so lock-in your lifetime price now.

As a Platinum Partner, you will receive all the amazing benefits of being an eFIN Partner and much more. That is, you will receive distribution of revenues not only from trading fees generated on the eFIN platform but across the entire TokenPay ecosystem. This includes a similar share of revenues generated from TokenPay software solutions such as the TPAY Mobile Wallets that are currently in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Earn from All TokenPay Ecosystem Products & Get 1,000,000 Bonus EFIN Coins

Platinum Partners will also earn a portion of the transaction fees and advertising billings produced by the upcoming Multi-Currency Pro Wallet and the TokenPay Enterprise Merchant Platform. Additionally, you will receive a larger Airdrops of new token listings on the eFIN DEX and enhanced coin mining capabili related to imminent Infinitesimal blockchain product launches.

As a Platinum Partner that joins today, you will also receive a limited-time bonus allocation of 1,000,000 EFIN coins.

Massive 12 Month 1000% Staking Bonus Paid in EFIN Coins

As a Platinum Partner, you will have 12 months from the date of the EFIN Mainnet launch to stake as many TPAY coins as you can and each month you will receive 10 EFIN coins for every TPAY staked. In total, in 12 months you will receive 120 EFIN coins for every 1 TPAY coin you staked. Each Platinum Partner account can earn up to 2,000,000 EFIN coins from the enhanced TPAY staking reward program.

This is 10X what an ordinary registered user at eFIN will receive. These extra staking benefits will only last until April 2020, so make sure to take advantage of this now and maximize your EFIN coin return as a Platinum Partner.

This includes today’s 1,000,000 EFIN coin bonus along with the 10X staking multiplier that will allow you to earn 1000% more EFIN coins than an ordinary platform user. This offer is subject to change or removal at any time as we attentively monitor its scope and capacity.

Receive Extra Airdropped Coins

It is our commitment that our Platinum Partners will always benefit from additional regular Airdrops of our current and planned ecosystem blockchain coins. We already have several more coins planned for this year, including revenue generators like CBET.

For example, a total of 2.5 million CBET coins will be airdropped to Platinum Partners as an extra added bonus. These will be distributed at a rate of 250K per year over the next 10 years.

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