[Important] EFIN Staking Rewards Update

We have an important update regarding the EFIN rewards for staking TPAY. This applies to all eFIN members.

We found that we can not use the staking network weight because it is a calculation (which we reviewed in the code); it is a difficulty index based on the last 72 blocks. It is not the network tokens being staked as it is currently being used (we’re not sure why).

We have to reward users based on the amounts that they have in their accounts because this is what was promised to the community. While winning block rewards is proportionate to the amount of TPAY you stake, it’s not exactly what is expected.

We will do the following:

1. We will average the addresses’ balance during each month.

2. Apply the subscription multiplier to the monthly average.

3. Users have to had won at least one stake reward. This is to ensure that the funds are not in cold storage or paper wallets.

4. Daily snapshots are taken randomly each day to avoid traders from getting the reward without actually keeping thei coins in the wallet and staking.


CBET is a blockchain rewards coin that is primarily earned by gameplay at CryptoBet. Holders of CBET receive their share of the net gaming revenue generated at CryptoBet every month, paid in Bitcoin straight to your CryptoBet account.

A total of 7.5 million CBET coins will be airdropped to eFIN Partners and Platinum Partners (5 million for both, and an additional 2.5 million reserved just for Platinum Partners).

Secure your eFIN Partnership now and be first in line to receive your CBET coins!

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