eFIN Partners Are Now Blast Partners — Important Updates

eFIN Partners Are Now Blast Partners — Important Updates

Both eFIN DEX trading and CBET mining will launch on June 3. This was done to facilitate the migration of the eFIN Dashboard to Blast. eFIN Partners are being upgraded to Blast Partners and will benefit from all projects launched on Blast, in addition to current Partner benefits.

CryptoBet Launches CBET Rewards Mining on June 3

The CBET whitepaper contains full details on CBET, including a rewards table. Read it here. Your earned CBET will show up in real-time in your Blast account, and then pushed to your wallet in eFIN daily.

Read the full whitepaper at

CBET Holders Receive Casino Revenues in Bitcoin

100% of the Net Gaming Revenue from CryptoBet goes directly to CBET holders. There are 60 million CBET mined through gameplay rewards. It’s based entirely on bet volume (doesn’t matter whether you win or lose). During June 3 — June 30, there is a 50% CBET bonus for those who earn over 1,000 CBETand stake TPAY.

40 million CBET is pre-mined, and this represents a 20 million CBET Airdrop to TPAY stakers, EFIN stakers, and eFIN Partners & Platinum Partners. Out of this pre-mine, up to 15 million CBET (25% of the 60 million mined) will be used for CBET referral payments.

Additionally, out of the 40 million CBET pre-mine, the 50% introductory mining reward bonus will be paid. The holders of CBET are entitled to 100% of the Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) from CryptoBet, which is paid regularly in BTC. Net Gaming Revenue is defined as player losses minus wins.

TG Tech N.V. Covers All CryptoBet Expenses

TG Tech N.V. is the operator of CryptoBet and is responsible for operations, marketing, capital, legal and all related expenses. None of this is deducted from the BTC payout to CBET holders. The operator will receive 1 million CBET per month for 120 months to cover these expenses.

This operator reward not only incentivizes but also covers all of the operational expenses, which maximizes the CBET payouts as they represent 100% of Net Gaming Revenues. There is also CBET burn games and a daily lottery coming soon that will help to offset the CBET rewards.

After 120 months (as CryptoBet was built to last forever), the CBET rewards will stop and instead the operator will receive 20% of the Net Gaming Revenue before it is distributed to CBET holders in BTC.

All in all, the maximum possible CBET supply is 220 million, minus burns.

Take Advantage of the eFIN Migration and Secure Your Blast Partnership Now!

When the full eFIN migration is finished, eFIN Partners will automatically be upgraded to Blast Partners. Blast Partners will benefit from all projects launched on Blast, in addition to current Partner benefits. Lots of details are coming soon; this will be your last chance to get in as an eFIN Partner.

Secure your eFIN Partnership now!

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