eFIN Mainnet LIVE — Start Staking Now

eFIN Mainnet LIVE — Start Staking Now

While others use today to make jokes, we simply don’t have the time. eFIN Mainnet is LIVE.

Your enhanced TPAY staking rewards to earn EFIN coins begins now. To start staking, follow these 2 simple steps:

1. Download the latest update. Note that this is an all-new Mainnet version that you must download. If you have previously downloaded the Testnet version, you will need to un-install that version and install the new Mainnet version. Do NOT run both the Testnet and Mainnet versions at the same time.

2. Link your EFIN and TPAY wallets. Go to My Account in your Dashboard and look for the TPAY Staking Rewards section. If you need help on how to link your wallets, just follow these steps.

That’s all you have to do. Just start staking TPAY with the TokenPay desktop wallet (from; you can’t stake TPAY within eFIN) and you’ll start earning more EFIN coins.

These staking rewards last for 12 months, so to get the max amount of EFIN coins, you need to b staking right now.

If you want to earn even more EFIN coins, upgrade now and you’ll get a massive staking multiplier (5X for Partners and 10X for Platinum Partners), bonus EFIN coins (100,000 for Partners and 1 million for Platinum Partners), unlimited free trading, free Airdrops of newly listed tokens (like the upcoming CBET token) and a 100% referral bonus. Since the Mainnet is now live, the price of a Partnership has increased to €495 (and will be increasing again soon). Secure your spot now!

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