EFIN Coin Sale Success, Ends Soon & CBET Airdrop for TPAY Holders

Thank You for Being Part of TPAY

The EFIN Private Coin Sale was a huge success, selling over 340 million EFIN coins on the first day alone. The ONLY way to get EFIN coins now is through this limited private coin sale available exclusively to eFIN Partner and Platinum Partners.

If you want to buy EFIN coins and you’re not yet a Partner, you can easily upgrade your account and buy coins with one click at the following link.

Click here to buy EFIN coins

CBET Airdrop for TPAY Holders Coming Soon

As our way of saying “Thank You!” for being part of the TokenPay family, we have a special Airdrop we’re releasing just for you. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting event!

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