Development Update on Verge #11

This article was first published on vergecurrency - Medium ----- What’s the most importing thing to us? -Us?… who’s us?- It’s everyone who gives anything about their right for privacy… which is basically everyone, even if they might not know it. Why would we be able to bring you privacy? Verge Currency is not a company, it’s a group of dedicated volunteers and we want privacy in payments for ourselves as well.This is what drives us, privacy and decentralization with the least amount of trust needed. It is what motivates Justin (Sunerok), Marvin (marpme), Manuel (2lazy2debug) and myself, each working on

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This article was first published on vergecurrency – Medium —– Merry Christmas VergeFam! Happy Holidays!A few words about me…Most of you already got to know me but for those who were lucky enough and didn’t — Kristopher (Twitter: […]

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