CryptoBet Announcement

We have secured a deal with CryptoBet that enables withdrawals in TPAY as an option. We will supply CryptoBet with TPAY from proceeds of our recent eFIN Partner sales. Players receive a premium bonus when withdrawing TPAY of between 5%-10% above CoinMarketCap rate.

As a result of the unique CBET behavioral mining mechanism and partnership with top game providers, we anticipate that CryptoBet will become the top licensed crypto gambling platform. The incentivized TPAY withdrawal offer is designed to increase the adoption of the coin.

Partners will receive CBET as their first Airdrop!

Partnership increases to €495 in 1 day

Remember, you MUST be staking TPAY (and be a Partner) on Monday to earn maximum EFIN coins. Upgrade now and you’ll get a massive staking multiplier (5X for Partners and 10X for Platinum Partners), bonus EFIN coins (100,000 for Partners and 1 million for Platinum Partners), unlimited free trading, free Airdrops of newly listed tokens (like the upcoming CBET token) and a 100 referral bonus. Once Mainnet launches, the price of a Partnership increases to €495. Secure your spot now!

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