CONFIRMED: Tokenpay is working on an eSports platform!

Tokenpay replied to a tweet by OTCmarket.Trade about being the new owner of the domain name After diving in to the confirmation from Tokenpay, we dig up some info about them and what their connection is to Verge.

What is the news?

On Twitter some research was shared about the Tokenpay CEO who might have purchased the domain name for no less than $40,000. Weblog and forum for USA Over The Counter stocks decided to send out word about that and the Tokenpay twitter account responded with a confirmation. This is the first tweet:


So, how did OTCmarket.Trade come up with this conclusion? Will, it consists of 3 steps, as we found out.

  1. A tweet by a domain name blog, stating that the domain name was one of two highest selling domain names on a certain date. This is the tweet:


So OTCmarket.Trade started its research running a so-called ‘who-is’-query to find out who the new domain name owner was. Here it says ‘Derek Capo’:

So, who is Derek Capo? The Derek we know is CEO of Tokenpay. In the image above it says ‘Next Step China’ and OTCmarket was able to connect that to Tokenpay’s Derek as well. Check his Twitter biography:

Tokenpay CEO Derek Capo's Twitter account
Tokenpay CEO Derek Capo’s Twitter account

Tokenpay and eSport?!

Well, that might be a less awkward connection than most people think. Remember Verge being involved in the adult industry where it wants to be the main cryptocurrency people use? Online gaming and eSports are also billion dollar markets which are just getting started. expect the eSports market to be the next big thing after online pron. 🙂

What is Tokenpay?

TokenPay is a blockchain project that incorporates Bitcoin cryptographic technology with advanced security and privacy features. Additionally, TokenPay is building out a platform that combines banking and a closed-end private exchange. This enables wider adoption of the coin via consumer and merchant services. Developing a TokenPay coin and the infrastructure to support its everyday seamless use is a crucial step.

First and foremost we have the TokenPay core platform. The features and benefits are best explained in our whitepaper and on our website. But in essence, our platform consists of an anonymous P2P transactional system that utilizes the TPAY coin as a base mode of exchange. Wallet to wallet transfers can be done virtually instantly (within 2 seconds) and on a public or private and untraceable TOR network driven blockchain.

The Verge Connection

In April 2018 the Verge Dev team was in need of cold hard cash to start things rolling. One of the main investors in the shoutout was Tokenpay who sent over 66 million XVG to the team. The main reason for this was that both Tokenpay and Verge are aiming to be a Top 10 cryptocurrency.

Keep reading about Tokenpay and Verge

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