CBET is now LIVE!

The first ever crypto casino rewards coin that lets you earn your share of the net casino revenue from CryptoBet is now live!

People have already started playing at CryptoBet and mining CBET coins. Start mining CBET now by linking your CryptoBet account with your Blast account. Every time you play a casino game at CryptoBet (it doesn’t matter if you win or lose), your Blast account will automatically be credited with your CBET coins!

Less Than 1% of the CBET Supply is Available for This Exclusive Private Partner Sale

Blast Partners can now buy a limited amount of CBET coins for as low as €0.67 per coin in an exclusive private sale. These coins will go fast, and only a tiny percentage are being reserved for this sale. You will never see them again at this price. Click here to secure your coins now!

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