2X CBET Multiplier Starts Soon

Starting in 6 hours and ending on Sunday, June 23rd at 23:59 UTC, just play any casino games (including live dealers) or bet on sports at CryptoBet and you’ll receive DOUBLE the amount of CBET coins you normally would.

This offer is on top of the June 50% bonus, where you’ll earn 50% more CBET coins for every game you play (excluding poker).

The last 2 days, we’ve totaled 24.2 BTC in bet volume with a net win for the house of just over 0.3 BTC. At licensed and regulated casinos players do win!

In about 6 hours (00:00 UTC), the 2X CBET multiplier will be live for 72 hours on ALL BETS except poker.

Play at CryptoBet Now!

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